A First Look At NFTs On Twitter


London-based Mada Aflak, who is a software engineer and Android Tech Lead at Twitter Spaces, revealed a sneak peek at NFTs on Twitter this week. The first glance gives us a perspective on what verified NFTs on the social media platform can potentially look like.

Let’s dive in on Aflak’s tweet and the feedback that NFT loyalists have been talking about thus far.


Aflak is part of a core team of engineers building out crypto innovations for Twitter. The recent reveal comes just a week after Twitter began a broader rollout of it’s Bitcoin tipping feature in partnership with Jack Mallers’ Strike. Strike provides the API to allow Twitter to enable free, instant, global payments for users. Twitter has largely been one of the most aggressive, if not the most aggressive, social media platform to seek crypto integration.

Here is Aflak’s recent tweet showcasing Twitter’s “first experiment” of navigating verified NFTs on the platform:

The video on Aflak’s tweet shows a brief walkthrough of how a user would connect and verify their NFT avatar. Aflak’s video was shared widely across prominent NFT collectors. Twitter’s Head of Consumer Product Marketing also shared the video, receiving extensive feedback from NFT collectors.

Let’s take a look at NFT community members thoughts on the initial layout.

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The People Have Spoken 

The top concern from feedback so far has been that collections that can be integrated onto Twitter’s verification should also be OpenSea verified projects, so as not to allow fake collections minted on Ethereum to appear as legitimate. Some feedback also included not relying on OpenSea at all, and instead just linked to a clickable etherscan address. The need for verification will likely inherently include some sort of centralization – be it through OpenSea or otherwise – which generally leads to a mixed bag of emotions in crypto. However, at present day, verification of NFT authenticity will be a must, and with that will come some degree of centralization.

Others had concerns over connecting a high net worth wallet to a Twitter account, and wanted to ensure that the social media platform had the equivalent of “read only” privileges (rather than full-fledged access or credentials) to users OpenSea accounts.

There is currently no estimated timeline or further details around Twitter’s NFT integration strategy, so stay tuned here on Bitcoinist for the latest as it unfolds.

Twitter's stock price on the NYSE has been fluctuating in a channel, and didn't see any positive movement as a result of the NFT teaser released today. | Source: NYSE: TWTR on TradingView.com

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