“Toxic Ethereum Mob” Killed FairWin Game


The FairWin game was deliberately attacked by a “toxic Ethereum mob”, commented Udi Werthmeister, known for his cutting remarks and predictions on crypto projects. The game, which hogged up the most gas on the Ethereum network, caused repercussions for other distributed apps and smart contracts.

FairWin Was Unstoppable

FairWin was a game with a simple rule – the last lottery ticket buyer gets the jackpot. This so-called FOMO game intrinsically causes more rapid activity toward the end.

Finally, on October 1, the game organizers abruptly ended the smart contract, and the chief wallet of FairWin was emptied. But the triggering event, according to Werthmeister, was a deliberate attack from Ethereum supporters.

The FairWin smart contract has been reported as a scam, as users noted that the very code of the game allowed the organizers to withhold the reward. The game itself was defined as an exploit.

Ethereum Gassed Out

The Ethereum network is open to any smart contract that pays for its gas. As of September 24, the FairWin contract used up a phenomenal 59% of all gas on the Ethereum network. A game of this size can displace other applications, but also prevent its own players from having their transactions included in a block.

The application was, at one point, considered “unstoppable”. In the past, other games have caused high gas fees, though without competing for potentially buying up entire blocks. The game ended up holding above 10,000 ETH, and paying above 8,100 ETH in fees. Activity picked up over two months, as the game attracted more followers through Chinese social media.

It is possible that no actual player won the final reward, and the wallet was emptied in a predetermined manner. After the end of FairWin, the leading contract on Ethereum belonged to the Gods Unchained game. Other habitual big gas burners include the Tether smart contract, as well as decentralized finance organizations like Maker.

ETH prices recovered somewhat to $178.74, following a series of liquidations on decentralized finance platforms and exchanges. The latest debacle with FairWin once again underlined the potential flaws of the network. Currently, Ethereum carries the most active distributed app, My Crypto Heroes, which invited 3,000 users in 24 hours.

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