Google’s Cooperation Agreement With Ubex Gives New Meaning To Blockchain-Based Programmatic Advertising


The blockchain-based Ubex platform has reached a new milestone in the integration of its product into the global advertising ecosystem by signing a cooperation agreement with Google. Such a major step in the adoption of blockchain technologies and the expansion of Ubex’s ad display reach on global audiences through the use of the Google Ad Network comes as the platform is preparing for full scale commercial launch.

The cooperation agreement with Google involves the display of ads from Ubex advertisers on Google Ads channels with an audience reach of up to 90% of global internet users. The scope of Google Ads audience reach includes 94% of all US internet users with 64% of them being reached every day along with 89% of all US smartphone users. The Google Display Network delivers over 2 trillion ad impressions each month on over 2 million websites to 2.5 billion internet users around the globe.

By being included in the list of Google Ads’ official partners, the Ubex advertising platform will be able to display ads on over 50 billion apps downloaded via Google Play. 

“This is the most important milestone for Ubex, as together with other agreements, the cooperation with Google gives us coverage of 80% of the world, which is extremely important for us to truly become the global advertising platform that we are,” stated Artem Chestnov, CEO of Ubex.

Ubex is a programmatic advertising platform combining AI and neural networks on a blockchain infrastructure for allowing advertisers to reach target audiences with unprecedented efficiency through the use of in-depth analysis of user data. The instant transactions and low commissions in both fiat currencies and internal UBEX Tokens without the involvement of third parties grant both advertisers and webmasters a reliable and economically highly efficient platform for mutually beneficial interaction.

The Ubex project is run by a highly experienced team of former marketers with decades of experience, who have merged AI and neural networks with blockchain for eradicating the myriad problems plaguing the advertising industry. The project is a member of the Crypto Valley Association and has recently announced agreements with the Yandex Advertising Network and 11 other advertising networks.

With its connections to global advertising channel providers and ad display gateways established, Ubex is preparing for the launch of the platform for commercial application. The full functionality will give Ubex users access to a convenient dashboard that allows ecosystem participants to operate in in both fiat and UBEX Tokens. 

The commercial version provides platform users with various statistics on ad campaigns and an expanded toolkit that allows advertisers to create and configure ad campaigns on a variety of parameters.

The Ubex project has been making considerable traction in the strive to disrupting the stagnating modern advertising industry through the use of blockchain technologies. Webmasters operating on Ubex have already received their first payouts for feeding user data into the Ubex AI core and ensuring greater audience targeting efficiency via machine learning. The increase in the number of user data feed channels for the Ubex AI core allows advertisers to make full use of their advertising budgets and ensure maximum audience targeting efficiency.

The signing of agreements with leading names in the industry will allow Ubex to pave the way for greater blockchain adoption.

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